Rules of Conduct for all students

  1. Observers must be quiet and unobtrusive.
  2. Arrive early for class - tardiness is disruptive to class.
  3. Ask permission before leaving class.
  4. Inform instructor before class begins of anything out of the ordinary such as an injury or having to leave class early, etc.
  5. Do not bring gum to the studio.
  6. Dancers will maintain a quiet, focused attitude during class and rehearsal.
  7. Parents must pick up students promptly after class, rehearsal, and performance. Ballet Society cannot be responsible for childcare.
  8. Costumes and jewelry are not appropriate in class.
  9. Hair must be brushed off of face and up in a bun.
  10. All students are invited to perform in both shows. This allows them the experience of performing on stage with professional lighting, costumes, and an enthusiastic audience to applaud their accomplishment.
Pointe Shoes

Dress Code