Our Curriculum

Pre-Ballet/Tap Combo

Introductory tap and ballet in a creative manner which develops coordination and dance skills. First part of class uses basic tap exercises and steps. Second part focuses on ballet with center and across the floor work. 3 – 5 years, 1 class per week.

Beginning Ballet/Tap Combo

5 – 6 years, 1 class per week.

Ballet I

6 – 8 years, previous dance training, 1 or 2 classes per week. Classical ballet technique with an emphasis on proper form.

Ballet II

8 – 10 years, 2 classes per week recommended. More extensive training in classical ballet.

Ballet III

10 – 13 years, 3 classes per week advised. Basic technique emphasized preparation for pointe work.

Ballet IV-VI

Intermediate/Advanced, 13 years and up. 4 classes per week recommended.

Specialty Classes:

Jazz/Tap Combo

7 – 9 years. Saturday 12:00.  Introduction to Jazz and Tap dance.


6 – 8 years. Thursday 4:15. More advanced tap technique.


8 – 10 years. Thursday 5:15. Fun Jazz and Hip-Hop dance to pop music.

Teen Beginning Ballet

11 years and up. Wednesday 4:15. Elementary syllabus to acquaint student with ballet.

Classes and registration held year round. All new students will take one free class for assessment and placement.